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One of the reasons why our wines garner such acclaim is the interpretative skill of our agronomists and oenologists, who have always managed to combine the structural characteristics of the international grape varieties that have acclimatised here with the Mediterranean character of the native cultivars Vermentino, Torbato, Cannonau, Carignano and Monica. This is the “art” that has made Sella&Mosca's range unique, in terms of both overall quality and breadth of expression.

The history

Over a century has passed since two adventurous Piedmontese men started to drain the land that is now occupied by over 541 hectares of Sella&Mosca vineyards. This very promising area with its enchanting landscape was the setting for the fortunate encounter of these two adventurous men, who were fascinated by the virgin terrain: the engineer Sella, nephew of the famous statesman Quintino Sella, and the lawyer Mosca.These are the origins of Sella&Mosca, which at the turn of the twentieth century transformed pastureland into fertile vineyards, commencing themost prestigious wine production in Sardinia. Today visitors to the charming estate relive this pioneering atmosphere in a continuous kaleidoscope of fragrances, perfumes and aromas that express the character of the powerful, sunny land and greatly contribute to the unmistakable personality of its wines. Respect for the place and the culture of wine, and closeness to the land and its traditions are the rules handed down by the founders, which have always inspired all Sella&Mosca’s work and determined its success.

The winery

Built in 1903, the winery has lost nothing of its old charm. Today it houses the cellar for the ageing of the finest reds, in traditional barrels made from prized Slavonian oak and in small casks of Allier, Nevers and Tronçais oak.
Next to the old cellar is the building named after the Marquis of Villamarina, Don Francesco Pes, who received the title in1774 from the King of Sardinia. The building on the Sella&Mosca estate is still home to several historical exhibits, uniforms and costumes from that time. 
The historic cellars are flanked by a modern winemaking complex in an unspoiled natural setting. Here tradition and innovation meet and complete each other in perfect harmony.


Technologies for protecting the raw materials, the grapes:
  • 3 vinification lines, each with an hourly processing capacity from 30,000 kg of grapes;
  • 150 steel tanks;
  • a refrigeration plant with 500,000 BTU/h;
  • oak barrels and barriques for ageing over 16,000 hl of fine wine.

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