Delivery costs are calculated by the system according to the place of destination, the weight of the goods purchased and the type of transport.

Each order is processed within 3 working days. Orders are shipped in 36/48 hours to Italy, and from 6 to 8 working days to EU and rest of the world.

Note: any duty and customs fees are intended to be paid by the customer and are not subject to refund.

Shipping rates by express courier

Shipping costs are different in every country. 

- Italy

Da 0 a 2kg: € 8,50      

Da 2kg a 5kg: € 10,50

Da 5kg a 10kg: € 11,50

Da 10kg a 15kg: € 12,50

Da 15kg a 20kg: € 13,50

Da 20kg a 30kg: € 17,00

Da 30 kg a 50 kg: € 24,00

Da 50kg a 100 kg: € 36,00

Da 100 kg a 150 kg: € 55,00 

- Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands,Poland,Czech Republic,Slovenia,Slovakia, Hungary: 

From 0 to 2 kg: 17,5 euro

From 2 to 5 kg: 19,5 euro

From 5 to 10 kg: 23 euro

From 10 to 15 kg: 28 euro

From 15 to 20 kg: 30,5 euro

From 20 to 30 kg: 41 euro

From 30 to 50 kg: 46 euro


- Principality of Monaco, United Kingdom, Spain, France:

From 0 to 2 kg: 21 euro

From 2 to 5 kg: 23.5  euro

From 5 to 10 kg: 29,5 euro

From 10 to 15 kg: 35,5 euro

From 15 to 20 kg: 38,5 euro

From 20 to 30 kg: 51 euro

From 30 to 50 kg: 71 euro


- Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Sweden, Portugal

From 0 to 2 kg: 23 euro

From 2 to 5 kg: 28 euro

From 5 to 10 kg: 36 euro

From 10 to 15 kg: 46 euro

From 15 to 20 kg: 53 euro

From 20 to 30 kg: 66 euro

From 30 to 50 kg: 86 euro

We recommend that you always check the number and the integrity of packages. In case of malfunctions or damages, the complaint must be made immediately to the courier. The cost of replacement and return will be entirely on us.

Cuor di Sardegna disclaims any responsibility for the acceptance of a damaged parcel not occurred at the time of delivery in the presence of the carrier.

To avoid stocks, which could damage the product (unless otherwise provided by the customer to be indicated by email) food will only be shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays.

We remain at your disposal for special requirements concerning the time of shipment or delivery, or for any special request.

For a better and efficent service would be good to include your phone number.

The shipment will be at all times kept in check by the customer through traceability code of the package (sent by email).

According to the Legislative Decree 22/5/1999 n. 185, the goods travel at the risk of the recipient, so Cuor di Sardegna is not responsible for any theft or damage caused by couriers or used by third parties.

Below is a summary of the Legislative Decree 22/5/1999 n. 185: "The buy-sell transactions are governed by these conditions of sale as per current Italian law. The Supplier makes shipments to the customer with express couriers selected and the goods travel in port with costs and risks of transport to the full load of the Customer. These costs and other expenses related to transport and / or shipment of products are counted and detailed in the order confirmation and invoice or counted as final amount in the receipt. Upon receipt of the goods at his home the customer must verify the integrity of packages. In case of discrepancies and / or differences, the customer refuse the package to revocation of asserting their rights in this regard. "

May attention: no shipment to the Spanish islands.