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The Bresca Dorada’s main product is myrtle liqueur.

Since the beginning the key to success of the Bresca Dorada name has been thequality of the wild hand-picked myrtle berries, the respect for traditional methods of production and the elegance of the bottles used for the finished product.

Other Sardinians were the first to value Paolo and Enrico’s myrtle liqueur and this was doubly satisfying. The islanders, who have a fine palate when it comes to this drink, one of Sardinia’s trademarks, found that the Bresca Dorada myrtle reminded them of home-made myrtle.

In the next few years, growing demand and an expanding market brought the company to expand and invest in equipment, improving quality and increasing quantity. In a short time, Bresca Dorada myrtle had become an excellent competitor in a market made up of many small brand names.

Although production had increased, the main goal of the two partners, then as now, was to keep their product genuine by continuing to use artisan methods.

Jams and marmalades were the next natural step for the company. In 2007,Bresca Dorada started producing marmalade from citrus fruit and jam from myrtle berries, prickly pear cactus fruit and quince apples. All the fruit comes from small local organic farms. All the jams and marmalades have a high percentage of fruit and are without pectin, added flavours, stabilizing agents or preservatives.

A vacuum cooking group is used for the jam making process, ensuring high quality jam by causing water to evaporate at 65° C. This avoids excessive heating of the fruit which maintains its organoleptic qualities. It also keeps the sugar from candying, a guarantee of high quality for the consumer. 

In 2011, a new production of aromatized Salts was started, using salt from the Cagliari salt works, mixed with extracts of fruit, leaves, flowers and roots from the Mediterranean maquis. The plants and herbs used are both cultivated and wild.

They are gathered at the time when their delicate yet strong essences are at their maximum. The salt is imbued with the plant extracts and is then dehydrated at low temperatures in order to maintain their fragrances and flavours.

Using these excellent flavour enhancers you can add an innovative ‘pinch’ of Sardinia to your dishes. 

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