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Silvio Carta s.r.l. is a production reality in Sardinia that has conquered the favours of the public beyond regional borders thanks to a broad range of excellent quality products in the field of liquors and spirits. Elio, son of the founder Silvio, is at the head of the company and combines an unquestioned managerial ability with a solid technical preparation, grown through years of hard work after getting his degree in 1972 at the prestigious Technical Institute of Oenology in Conegliano Veneto.

The Silvio Carta s.r.l. distillery was built in an area that was particularly suitable for the cultivation of prestigious vines, with an ideal climate and a surrounding nature featuring exceptional characteristics. Its business philosophy is expressed in the simple slogan 'Armonia della natura' ('harmony in nature'), a famous phrase in many of the company's advertising campaigns that summarises some key ideas: respect of ancient and traditional recipes, to preserve the tastes and aromas of past times in modern products, together with commitment and attention to make sure that current productions preserve the same healthiness and environmental impact of former products. It is not a coincidence that Silvio Carta s.r.l. is the first company to produce Mirto using organic farming. In addition, the new plant in Zeddiani is equipped with a photovoltaic system that powers the production with maximum energy savings and zero emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The vast product range, a result of the great level of specialisation in the field of high quality spirits and liquors, includes traditional Sardinian liquors like 'Filu’e Ferru', Mirto and Elicriso among its strengths, together with some of broader conception, such as Creams and Limoncino.

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