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At the beginning of the century, some Breeders from Camped area, right in the heart of Sardinia, fonde a Cooperative to produce and trade dairy products.

The upload area of Campeda and Marghine region, with its geographical and climatic position make this region ideal for pasture lands: the great fodder quantity and the huge variety of its grass carry out milk and dairy products unmatched in flavour.

The rich soil, the selcted livestock and the cheese-making skills owned by its inhabitants over centuries are the distinctive elements of LACESA ( Latteria Centro Sardegna – Central Sardinia Daity Products ), created by the merger of three old Cooperatives of Bortigali, Macomer and Silanus.

Over the years, LACESA Cooperative has kept the high standard quality of its dairy production through careful milk selection, strict production process and professional assistance for breeders

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