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The Calasetta Winery controls each step of the production chain, managing and monitoring the quality of its wines with advanced winemaking technology to ensure their sustained excellence and safety and to safeguard consumers’ health.

Today their ranks have grown to 300, but when they started off, back in 1932, it was just 13 single-minded, skilful grape-growers, who founded the Calasetta Winery, spurred on by the belief that their land, as generous as it was unique, with its combination of sun, wind, sea, and sand, would help them produce wine with a strong link to the terroir, stylish and highly enjoyable. The Winery's philosophy, which is to gather and enhance the bounty of nature and at the same time cultivate knowledge and skills has traced the route of its 80 years’ history, as it worked to preserve and hand down to future generations a great natural and cultural heritage. The Winery is located on the island of Sant’Antioco, on the south-western coast of Sardinia, a production area with a singular terroir, whose sandy texture makes it possible to cultivate ungrafted vines, i.e. with their original roots, without having to use American rootstock. This vine-growing technique means that the grapes have unique fruit and flavour, and is ideal to obtain high-quality harvests also from very old vineyards. The strong mistral winds blowing from the north-west, the Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers, together with the traditional free-standing bush cultivation offer ideal conditions for the production of the Carignano grape, which is believed to have been introduced to the island by the Phoenicians around the 9th century B.C. Over the years, we have developed our winemaking techniques to preserve diversity and to enhance complexity of flavour and the original Mediterranean aromas - in short, to produce harmonious and stylish wines.

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