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The company was founded in 1949 thanks to the drive of producers in the Parteolla region, with the intent of producing quality wines in an area that was particularly inclined to viticulture. The company has always been proud of favouring the wines and vines of the territory, receiving many awards in national and international competitions. A high quality level is guaranteed, resulting from skilful work on an island with unrivalled charm. 

Cantine di Dolianova is located in the southern part of Sardinia, which is more exposed to the sun and is known for its thousand years of viticulture tradition. The cultivation of vines and its transformation into wine was already widespread in the Nuraghi era. Some of the most renowned native vines are Vermentino and Cannonau, but also Nuragus, Monica, and Moscato just to mention the most representative ones from the Parteolla region. Cantine di Dolianova deserves a particular mention for its contribution in strengthening the reputation of the Sardinian wines abroad.

The Dolianova wines are an inevitable element to complete everyday life and truly express oneself. To meet every single need of the market, we have created a wide range of products, divided into six lines.

1. The ‘Vigne Sarde’ line expresses the spirit of the Cantina.

2. The ‘San Pantaleo’ line is produced from select grapes and is marketed on the Ho.Re.Ca. channel only, to favour wine tasting directly at the bar.

3. ‘Dolia’ is the historical line of bottled wines marking the most important change: quality instead of quantity.

4. The ‘Santesu’ line features IGT wines. It was created to meet the needs of international markets that require less structured wines with a very good quality/price ratio.

5. ‘Corali’ is a line of table wines created to meet the particular needs of the Chinese market.

6. The ‘Grandi Formati’ line, which started to be marketed in the early ’50s, is still produced now to meet the needs of an audience that remains attached to traditions and high usage.


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