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We are a young and dynamic company operating in the heart of Sardinia since 1998, with the aim of combining the age-old experience in the production of meats and cheeses, typical of these areas, with the most modern technologies.

Production activities began in 2000 and in a short time achieved significant results and a prominent position among Sardinian producers. La Fattoria Gennargentu transforms local sheep milk with certified biological criteria.

Our products are made from selected milk and meats, and their flavor and quality are guaranteed based on this selection. Our milk comes from herds that graze on the mountains like a thousand years ago, and is different from what can be produced elsewhere.

And then, the art of the cheese-maker and butcher, special arts, learned from a strict school, because nobody teaches better than necessity; and here, the production of these simple, precious foods, was for centuries the first necessity dictated by the harshness of the shepards' life.

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