List of products by brand Caseificio 3L - formaggio di Sardegna

Located in the heart of Logudoro, a vast territory in Central and Northern Sardinia with a traditional agro-pastoral vocation, Caseificio 3L dairy has been working for more than two decades in the industry related to the production of cheese and ricotta specialities typical of its region.

Its cheeses are the result of handcrafted processing of milk from farms where sheep are fed on natural pastures and selected hays.

The products are subject to continuous and rigorous checks to ensure quality and genuineness, attributes that have always characterized the production of dairy 3L For this reason the company is certified ISO 22000.

Production is carried out by combining in the right proportion the traditional system used by shepherds with the latest technologies.
Examples of this are specialities such as ricotta Mustia and Fresa, together with Pecorino Fior di Saccargia, distinguishing products of Sardinia’s dairy production.
The range of products offered by Caseificio 3L dairy is very specialized and divided into four main categories, namely: Pecorino Cheeses, Caciotta Cheeses , Ricotta Cheeses and Cream Cheeses.

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