List of products by brand Cantina Siddura

The wine cellar, situated at the center of the vineyard is a subterrenean structure with natural insulation resulting from its location. Here the entire production chain takes place, starting with the grapes and ending with the bottling. We favor spontaneous fermentations and use diversified types of containers, like cement tanks, oak barrels and amphoras. We regard it as our mission to respect and enhance the quality of the product, donated to us by Nature and enriched by our intellectual and professional skills.

The soil of the Siddura vineyards consists of a mixture of granite, sand and clay. Being loose and dry they provide the ideal conditions for viticulture, where vines give best results when suffering “hunger and thirst”. Mild temperature swings, a ventilated climate and optimal sun radiation, due to the gentle slopes, help to preserve and enhance the organoleptic character of the fruit. Our aim is to produce wines which can be closely identified with their Terroir.

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