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Gostolai conceives wine as a “terroir” product, interconnected with tradition, history, territory and culture. Our wine is created to enhance the peculiarities of the fruit used to produce it, which depend not only from the vineyards but also from the territory in which these grapes grow, and obtain a wine with strong personality, recognisable and unique.

Gostolai cellars started its activity in 1988, with the aim to enhance more and more the territory around Oliena, its grape varieties and its particular microclimate.

The name Gostolai comes from the area where the family vineyards are situated and which provide the grapes for our first wine productions. In 2007 the winery got the certification of “Wines with controlled sulphur dioxide (SO2) amount”, as well as “The Food Traceability Certification”.
They are a further confirmation of our attention and interest in respecting the grapes, the wine quality and, especially, the consumer’s health.

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