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The story of this Winery is basically the story of a family. It started in the early 1900s in Serdiana, home of farmers, olive groves and vineyards. It was here that in 1906, Antonio, the patriarch, was born.
He was the first to plant vine rows, to join vineyards together, to seek quality in winemaking. 

The Serdiana estate, framed by an enchanting landscape dotted with important historical remains, covers an area of about 20 ha in the Sibiola countryside, in the Municipality of Serdiana. It is cultivated with the principal traditional grape varieties. A further 45 hectares of vineyards are cultivated in the Parteolla area, on hilly land at an elevation of about 300-350 m above sea level. The estate also comprises olive groves with about 5000 plants of the Tonda di Cagliari and Pitz'e Carroga varieties.

The Sisini estate covers an area of some 60 hectares on the hills of the municipality of Siurgus. Its soils derive from Miocenic sandstone marls, with associated colluvial deposits, at an altitude between 250 and 300 m a.s.l. Thanks to soil composition, mild climate and good exposure, these vineyards yield excellent grapes for use as the main components of the Argiolas white wines. Other grapes include Vermentino, which was brought in from northern Sardinia and planted with great foresight by Antonio Argiolas.

It extends for some 80 hectares over hills which originated from thecoarse-grained limestone soils of the Miocene period, in theterritories of Selegas and Guamaggiore. The soil is brown and regularwith good permeability associated with white soils with a significantlimestone component. Situated at a height between 200 and 350 m a.s.l.,it has a propitious micro-climate with intense bouts of rainfall atwell-distributed intervals during the year, but above all with optimumtemperature excursions that help develop and maintain the substancesimparting colour and aroma to the grapes. Apart from the traditionalvarieties (Cannonau, Monica, Bovale Sardo and Carignano, Vermentino,Malvasia Bianca), this estate also hosts the company's largestexperimental vineyard. Here, dozens of non-native grape varieties aregrown and tested, as well as several clones and selections oftraditional varieties.

The Vigne Vecchie (Old Vineyards) holding extends for some 60 hectares on the hills fronting the town of Selegas Set on a marl and limestone height dating from the Miocene epoch, it includes both deep brown soils and limestone-rich soils In the latter areas are grown the white grape varieties which go to produce some of the signature wines of the Winery. The excellent altitude varying between 190 and 220 a.s.l. and the soil's characteristics have always marked this territory as the perfect place for the production of outstanding wines.

The Porto Pino estate stretches for about 15 hectares along the coastal strip flanking the Gulf of Palmas, at a distance between 200 and 700 m from the sea. It enjoys a particularly favourable micro-climate thanks to the mitigating action of the winds and the considerable temperature excursions between day and night, which enable ideal development of phenolic substances and make it the perfect place for growing Carignano Moreover, the sandstone-rich soils trap night-time humidity, thus providing natural protection against drought and offering the spectacle of lush vineyards with especially rich bunches of grapes.

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