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Our winemaking endeavours to recuperate and safeguard our viticultural heredity under severe quality standards, producing wines that are both elegant in their simplicity and of superior quality because our vinification procedures are effectively tied to traditions that brought forth a wine with an unmistakeable character.
We recur to the customs of the past to catch the soul of our region in our wines.

Fradiles, ‘cousins’ in the Sardinian language, is founded in the Sardinian town of Atzara, where the craft of winemaking is rooted since ages. Our winery, originated as a revival of an old family firm, springs from the passion for the traditions and culture of vineyard farming and winemaking. Our winery is located in the proximity of the vineyards, allowing us to have the hand-picked harvest immediately followed by vinification. This is the place where our passions merge into a wine that stands out for its Denominazione di Origine Controllata “Mandrolisai”, the name of its territory.

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